About us

The company EXO HIGHPOWER s.r.o. deals with electrical installation of LV and HV power distribution systems. Operation of substations and provision of emergency services in energy and industry.

EXO HIGHPOWER s.r.o. is part of the group of companies EXO ENERGO s.r.o. and EXO SERVICE s.r.o.


Offered services:

  • Management, maintenance, revision, thermoscan inspection of substations and electrical equipment
  • Provision of diesel generator sets, transformers and switchboards in the event of a breakdown or crash of your equipment
  • Emergency service – 24 hours / 365 days, arrival time from 3 hours to the accident site
  • Rental of mobile substations, diesel generators and construction site switchboards
  • Establishing temporary connections (e.g. cultural events, construction sites, etc.)
  • Construction and reconstruction of substations, substations, ground connections and transitions of LV and HV lines
  • Installation of electrical distribution of buildings, substations and halls
  • Installation of cable support systems
  • Delivery of switchboards, lights, end elements of electrical installation, backup sources (UPS, DA)
  • Electricity meter service
  • Measuring with a power network analyzer
  • Laying out cable routes
  • Supervision when working near electrical equipment
  • Passportization of objects
  • Designing and consulting in electrical engineering